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Electric Winch Hire & Sales

Our Electric Winches are both durable and reliable. These powerful and flexible units offer plenty of torque and speed, coupled with efficient levels of power consumption. They are suitable for a wide range of applications where electrical power is preferred or if it is the most available power source. As with all of our winches and equipment, we can customise our Electric Winches to suit our customers, specific needs.

At I&M Solutions, we boast a comprehensive fleet of different types of Electric Winches to meet your unique situation and budget. Plus, based on your budget, job, and preference, you can choose winches with high or slow speed, single or double drum winch, mine winch, friction winch, planetary winch, and construction winch, each designed to meet your needs.

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Electric Winch Hire Range

1T Electric Winch

Equipment IDIM-1TE-00X
Line Pull :1.1tonne
Line Speed :10m/min
Rope Diameter :12mm
Rope Capacity :105m
Electric Motor :7.5kW /w Brake
Power:3 Phase / 4 Pole
Base Dimensions:720x 490mm
Weight :262kg
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2T Electric Winch

Equipment IDIM-2TE-00X
Line Pull :2tonne
Line Speed :16m/min
Rope Diameter :12mm
Rope Capacity :500m
Electric Motor :2.2kW /w Brake
Power:3 Phase / 4 Pole
Base Dimensions:1365 x 535mm
Weight :430kg
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3T Electric Winch

Equipment IDIM-3TE-00X
Line Pull :3tonne
Line Speed :10m/min
Rope Diameter :12mm
Rope Capacity :150m
Electric Motor :2.2kW /w Brake
Power:3 Phase / 4 Pole
Base Dimensions:1000 x 755mm
Weight :400kg
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5T Electric Winch

Equipment IDIM-5TE-00X
Line Pull :5tonne
Line Speed :10m/min
Rope Diameter :20mm
Rope Capacity :280m
Electric Motor :11kW /w brake
Power:3 Phase / 4 Pole
Base Dimensions:1065 x 710mm
Weight :1800kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose your electric winch

Need efficient lifting or pulling? Our electric winches balance power and performance.

2. Customization: From high-speed to specialized winches, we tailor to your project’s specifics.

3. Environment: Indoor or outdoor, our winches adapt to your setting.

4. Capacity: Options from 1-tonne to 5-tonne, each with unique features for precision tasks.

Does the electric winch offer variable speed control?

The 5-tonne electric winch is equipped with a variable speed drive, allowing for adjustable operational speeds. In contrast, our other electric winches operate with a direct drive mechanism, maintaining a consistent, fixed speed.

What are the power requirements for operating these winches?

The power specifications differ across our range of winches. However, each winch comes standard with a 32-amp power plug to accommodate operational needs. Please refer to individual product details for precise power requirements.

What is the maximum load capacity for your range?

The maximum load capacity within our current range is 5 tonnes. This specification ensures robust performance for various lifting and pulling tasks.

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