33kW Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM30-HPU-011
Engine Make:Hatz 4141C
Output :33kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:45cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 52L/min
Max Flow :60L/min @ 280bar
Weight :1500kg
Dimensions (mm):2320x1090x1650

The 33kW Hydraulic Power Unit is a robust and reliable power source designed for a variety of industrial applications. With an Equipment ID of IM30-HPU-011, this unit is powered by a Hatz 4141C engine, delivering an output of 33kW at 1500 rpm. It features a 45cc hydraulic pump and operates at a maximum pressure of 320 bar at 52L/min, with a maximum flow rate of 60L/min at 280 bar. Weighing 1500kg and with dimensions of 2320 x 1090 x 1650mm, it’s a substantial yet versatile unit that can accommodate various operational needs. This hydraulic power unit is ideal for tasks requiring a high-pressure and high-flow power source.

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