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Boss Hydraulics Hire & Sales Across Australia I&M Solutions stocks a wide range of Boss Hydraulics gear, known for durability and adaptability. We’ve got everything from automotive jacks and presses to a full suite of hydraulic kit like hoses and torque wrenches. Our tools, including cutters and pullers, meet the tough demands of auto, industrial, and marine work. With Boss Hydraulics, you’re sorted for reliable solutions in complex tasks.

Boss Hydraulic Products

Our products are purpose-built to handle a variety of industrial applications, offering simple and cost-effective solutions for the challenges faced in moving heavy loads. We have a huge range of specialised products and tools to ensure all our customer’s needs are met, all via our Technical Department.

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Boss Hydraulic Product Range

Boss Cylinders

Explore the wide range of BOSS Hydraulics cylinders, to suit a variety of applications. Available in a range of configurations including, single & double acting, telescopic, low profile, aluminium, hollow piston and locknut. Built for rugged industrial and commercial applications, all BOSS cylinders meet worldwide safety standards.

Boss Pumps & Power Packs

BOSS offer a wide range of hand pumps from Heavy Duty Hand Pumps and Large Tank Hand Pumps to Aluminium Hand Pumps, Portable Hand Pumps and more. With a two-speed design, these Pumps can withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar.

Boss Hydraulic Tooling

The BOSS range features a variety of large and small, fixed and portable, tools and equipment. From large H Frame Presses to small Cribbing Blocks, self-contained Hydraulic Puller Kits, Hydraulic Puller Ram Pump Sets, which include a separate hand pump, and 100 Ton Trolley Mounted Hydraulic Puller or Rail Bearing Puller/Installers to suit all of your Hydraulic Tooling needs.

Protorc Bolting

ProTorc, by BOSS Hydraulics, is your first choice in premium bolting tools and accessories featuring square drive and low clearance wrenches ranging from 164Nm to over 80,000Nm, and a complete range of pneumatic wrenches from 120 Nm to 11,600 Nm, the quality & durability of ProTorc wrenches has been proven in the harshest of industries including mining, power, aerospace, transport, shipbuilding and petrochemical.

Nut Splitters & Spreaders

BOSS Spreaders and Nut Splitters are specifically designed for use in confined spaces. Splitters and Spreaders for use in low clearance applications. Spreaders are designed to be lightweight for increased portability, manufactured from the highest quality hardened steel. Hydraulic Nut Splitters are also compact in design, with all models featuring a one-piece cutting frame and high strength blade.

Boss Accessories

BOSS Hydraulics offers a range of accessories to suit your needs. From Valves, Manifolds and Hoses to Gauges and Oils, tailored to provide your products with the right additions to get the job done.

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Why I&M Solutions?

Industry Experience

With years of industry experience, I&M Solutions is a trusted leader in providing specialized hydraulic equipment and services.

Specialised Designers & Engineers

Our team are highly specialised designers and engineers with decades of experience and industry-specific knowledge.

State-Of-The-Art Resources

We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the reliability and durability for marine and industrial-specific uses.

Leaders in the design, manufacture & hire of
hydraulic equipment

Industrial & Marine Solutions (I&M Solutions) is a unique resource for Australasian industrial, marine and offshore sectors. I&M Solutions is a one-stop shop for the design, engineering and manufacture of heavy hydraulic equipment for lifting, shifting, pushing or pulling and are Australia’s leading hydraulic equipment provider across a variety of industries including oil & gas, mining, marine & construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Boss Hydraulics offer?

Boss Hydraulics specialises in a broad range of hydraulic gear, including cylinders, pumps, tooling, and accessories, all designed for heavy-duty industrial use.

How does Boss ensure product quality?

Boss uses cutting-edge technology and thorough testing to guarantee each item meets top standards for robustness and performance.

Does Boss handle heavy load applications?

Absolutely. Boss is all about solutions for moving and managing hefty loads efficiently and economically.

Can I get custom hydraulic solutions from Boss?

Yes, Boss is well-versed in tailoring solutions, offering customised hydraulic tools and power pack configurations to suit your specific needs.

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