Diesel Power Packs Hire Available Australia-Wide

  • Diesel High Power Units with Max Flow Up to 600l/m and 186kW
  • Electric Power Units Up to 90l/m and 30kW
  • Suitable for Land Based and Offshore Applications
  • We Can Tailor Our Power Pack Solutions to Suit Your Job Specific Requirements

Diesel Power Pack Hire

Our fully tested and certified diesel power packs are available for long or short-term hire all across Australia. We offer a complete range of power outputs from 9kW through to 186kW for all the power you are ever likely to need. Combined with our range of winches, these versatile diesel power packs are able to tackle the toughest winching challenges.

All of our units are fully certified to full HSE standards for mining, marine and other industrial uses. We offer electric and diesel-driven configurations of power packs from 9kW of power through to a massive 186kW diesel system.

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Our Diesel Power Pack Range

9kW Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM9-HPU-022
Engine Make:Hatz
Output :9kW @ 2000rpm
Pump Size:25cc
Max Pressure :260bar @ 17L/min
Max Flow :35L/min @130bar
Weight :600kg
Dimensions (mm):1200x1200x1400
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30kW Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM30-HPU-005
Engine Make:Perkins 903
Output (kW):33kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:45cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 48L/min
Max Flow :60L/min @ 255bar
Weight :1750kg
Dimensions (mm):2350x1000x1900
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33kW Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM30-HPU-011
Engine Make:Hatz 4141C
Output :33kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:45cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 52L/min
Max Flow :60L/min @ 280bar
Weight :1500kg
Dimensions (mm):2320x1090x1650
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36kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM36-HPU-010
Engine Make:Cummins 4BTA 3.9
Output :36kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:62cc
Max Pressure :250bar @ 73L/min
Max Flow :85L/min @ 216bar
Weight :2300kg
Dimensions (mm):2800 x 1150 x 1950
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50kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM50-HPU-019
Engine Make:Cummins 4BTA
Output :50kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:140cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 80L/min
Max Flow (l/min):200L/min @ 130bar
Weight (kg):3500kg
Dimensions (mm):3400 x 1340 x 2240
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100kW Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM100-HPU-004
Engine Make:Cummins 4BT
Output :100W @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:45cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 150L/min
Max Flow :150L/min @ 320bar
Weight :
Dimensions :2320 x 1090 x 1650
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120kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM120-HPU-008A
Engine Make:Cummins 6BTA
Output (kW):120kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:Dual 80cc + 80cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 191L/min
Max Flow :110L/min per pump
Weight :3500kg
Dimensions :3700 x 1300 x 2300
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163kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM163-HPU-024
Engine Make:Cummins 6CTA
Output (kW):163kW @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:Dual 200cc + 200cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 250L
Max Flow :600L/min @ 160bar
Weight :6500kg
Dimensions(mm):4500 x 1300 x 2470
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Frequently Asked Questions

Main Features of Our Diesel Power Packs


  • Simple operation, compact and rugged design to guarantee great mobility and convenience.
  • A set of regulators, filters, and lubricants are fastened to the air winch to offer clean and stable air power.


  • The ingenious design of our winches makes them explosion-proof for nature.
  • Heavy-duty fully enclosed disc brake and multiple brakes allow for smooth operation.
  • Comes with an auto-disc brake, manual drum lever brake, cylinder brake, air-operated emergency stop button, and cylinder brake.
  • Tailor-made for extreme conditions, for example, cold, dusty, explosive, damp conditions.


  • Our winches have a power-pack piston air motor that guarantees superior reliability and strong starting torque in unforgiving environments.
  • They also have variable control speed that provides excellent spotting capability.
  • Up to 10 Tons load capacities.
Why Choose Us?

Proudly standing as a trusted figure in winch manufacturing, we provide sturdy diesel power pack winches, utilising 13 years of industry know-how. We assure reliable, value-for-money products, adaptable for various applications. Contact us for dedicated, top-tier diesel winch solutions.

Are There Any Environmental Restrictions or Requirements?

The environmental restrictions or requirements for operations are dependent on the specific site conditions. Each location may have unique environmental guidelines that need to be adhered to during the setup and operation of equipment.

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