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Mooring Winch Hire & Sales

We offer a wide variety of Hydraulic Mooring Winches to vessels that meet your specific mooring requirements. You can select from our 10 Ton to 30 Tonne Mooring Winches that we offer as a 4-point mooring system, or we can customise a solution to meet your job-specific conditions. All our winches are designed for ease of operation, installation, and maintenance, that way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job with be completed smoothly.

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Our Mooring Winch Range

10T Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Equipment ID:IM-10TM-00A
Number Available:2
Line Pull :10tonne
Brake Capacity :27tonne
Line Speed:10m/min
Rope Diameter:24mm
Rope Capacity:120m
System Pressure :160bar
Oil Flow :97L/min
Dog Clutch:Hydraulic
Base Dimension :
1235 x 965
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10T Mooring Winch

Equipment ID:IM-10TM-00X
Number Available:4
Line Pull :10tonne
Brake Capacity :20tonne
Line Speed:15m/min
Rope Diameter:22mm
Rope Capacity:500m
System Pressure :200bar
Oil Flow :107L/min
Dog Clutch:Manual
Base Dimension :1290 x 1020mm
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20T Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Equipment ID:IM20-HEC-78X
Number Available:4
Line Pull :20tonne
Brake Capacity :40tonne
Line Speed:15m/min
Rope Diameter:32mm
Rope Capacity:500m
System Pressure :180bar
Oil Flow :160L/min
Dog Clutch:Manual
Base Dimension :1763 x 1388mm
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30T Mooring Winch

Equipment ID:IM-30TM-00x
Number Available:4
Line Pull :31.5tonne
Brake Capacity:
Line Speed:10m/min
Rope Diameter:52mm
Rope Capacity:320m
System Pressure :175bar
Oil Flow :280L/min
Dog Clutch:Hydraulic
Base Dimension :1850 x 1960mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum line pull of the mooring winch?

The maximum line pull for our mooring winches is 31 tonnes, with a brake holding capacity of 78 tonnes on the bare drum.

Is the mooring winch resistant to saltwater and corrosion?

All our mooring winches receive marine-grade surface treatment for saltwater resistance and corrosion prevention, necessitating regular maintenance for optimal protection.

Things You Need to Consider Before You Hire

Are you aiming for secure vessel mooring or precise weight handling? Our range caters to diverse operational needs.

  1. Load Capabilities: Assess your requirements, from 10 tonnes for lighter tasks to 30 tonnes for industrial-grade operations. Our fleet accommodates various line pull capacities and brake strengths.
  2. Operational Environment: Specify the maritime conditions and operational context. Our winches are engineered for performance, whether in calm harbors or open seas.
  3. Special Requirements: Any unique job specifications? We offer custom solutions, from 4-point mooring systems to tailored rope capacities, ensuring seamless integration with your maritime operations.

For guidance, reach out to I&M Solutions. We’re here to navigate you through the optimal choices for your mooring needs.

Where In Australia Do You Deliver?

We can deliver our mooring winches to all locations throughout Australia, including all states from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to all locations within Western Australia. Special arrangements can always be made for locations that are difficult to reach or are outside of our usual delivery areas.

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