10T Hydraulic Driven Spooler

Number Available:2
Maximum Reel Weight:10 tonne
Drum Speed:0-6rpm
Max Drum Width:1.65m
Min Drum Width:490m
Max Drum Diameter:2.1m
Overall Dimensions:4.4 m(L) x 1.4m(W) x 1.9m(H)
Constant Tensions Mode:5 tonnes (back tension)
Winching Mode:3 tonnes Pulling force (1st layer)

The 10T Hydraulic Driven Spooler proves its versatility in various spooling tasks. With a 10-tonne reel weight capacity and 0-6 rpm drum speed, this hydraulic spooler excels in efficiency. The 1-4 bank hydraulic control system empowers operators to manage four winches from one spot. Weighing 2700kg and measuring 4.4m x 1.4m x 1.9m, its presence is practical. Its 5-tonne back tensions mode and 3-tonne winching mode enhance adaptability, making it ideal for precise wire or cable spooling in construction sites and marine operations.

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