120kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Engine Make:Cummins 6BTA
Engine Output (kW):120kW @ 1500rpm
Hydraulic Pump Size:Dual 80cc piston pumps
Pressure (bar):255bar (@ 240L/min)
Flow (l/min):120 per pump
Weight (kg):3500
Dimensions (mm):3700 x 1300 x 2300

The 120kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit emerges as a dynamic and versatile solution tailored for projects demanding potent hydraulic prowess. Propelled by a Cummins 6BTA engine, it unfurls a commanding 120kW output at 1500rpm. This unit boasts twin 80cc piston pumps, orchestrating a pressure of 255bar at 240L/min, accompanied by a flow of 120L/min per pump. Tipping the scales at 3500kg, it unfolds with dimensions measuring 3700 x 1300 x 2300 mm. With its formidable power on tap, this unit stands ready for expansive construction endeavors, marine tasks, or any scenario where significant hydraulic force reigns supreme – be it extensive winching or demanding lifting tasks.

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