15kW Electric Hydraulic Power Unit

Electric Motor:3Phase 4 Pole/ 32 amp
Output (kW):15
Hydraulic Pump Size:45cc
Max Pressure (bar):320 @ 23L/min
Max Flow (l/min):60
Weight (kg):750
Dimensions (mm):1900 x 700 x 1400

The 15kW Electric Hydraulic Power Unit emerges as an efficient solution meticulously crafted for scenarios demanding seamless and dependable hydraulic power. Running with a 3Phase 4 Pole/ 32 amp electric motor, it yields a solid 15kW output. This unit showcases a hydraulic pump sized at 45cc, adeptly achieving a maximum pressure of 320bar at 23L/min while maintaining a steady flow rate of 60L/min. Carrying a weight of 750kg, it stretches in dimensions measuring 1900 x 700 x 1400 mm. This electric-powered unit assumes the role of the optimal choice for moderate hydraulic supply needs, particularly in environments blessed with a readily available 3phase electrical supply. Its versatile application finds a sweet spot in manufacturing processes, assembly lines, or other industrial domains where precision and unswerving hydraulic power stand as paramount necessities.

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