15T Hydraulic Winch

Number Available:4
Line Pull (tonne):15
Line Speed (m/min):14
Rope Diameter (mm):30
Rope Capacity (m):155
System Pressure (bar):220
Oil Flow (L/min):140
Base Dimensions:1100 x 930mm

Introducing the 15T Hydraulic Winch – designed for different jobs, especially in construction, marine, and industries. With an impressive 15-tonne pull, it’s great for lifting big machines or managing cables in big projects. This hydraulic winch is ready for both short and long hires, fitting different needs. It goes at 14 m/min and works well with 30mm ropes. The winch holds 155 meters of rope, running at 220 bars pressure and 140 L/min oil flow. It’s sized 1100 x 930 mm.

This winch is solid when you need steady, effective pulling in tasks that matter, like construction and marine work.

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