1T Air Winch

Number Available:1
Line Pull (tonne):1.5
Line Speed (m/min):54
Rope Diameter (mm):8
Rope Capacity (m):175
System Pressure (bar):6-8
Air Flow (L/S):200
Dimensions (mm):722 x 342

The 1T Air Winch stands as a specialized solution tailored for lifting lighter loads within construction sites and effectively managing equipment within marine settings. Boasting an impressive 1-tonne pulling capacity, it effortlessly achieves a remarkable line speed of 54 m/min, perfectly complemented by its compatibility with an 8mm rope diameter. With a generous rope capacity of 175 meters, the winch emerges as an adaptable tool for a wide array of operational needs.

Operating optimally within a system pressure range of 6 to 8 bars, and propelled by an air flow rate of 200 L/S, this winch ensures peak performance and reliability. The dimensions of 722 x 342 mm make it a compact powerhouse, ingeniously designed to excel across diverse environments. From construction endeavors demanding efficient lifting to navigating challenging marine scenarios, this winch emerges as the unequivocal choice, promising unwavering functionality and proficiency.

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