3.5T Air Spooler

Number Available:1
Maximum Reel Weight: 3.5tonne
Drum Speed:0-10rpm
Load Indicator: Digital load indicator for spooling wire on & off drum
Max Drum Width:1200mm
Max Drum Diameter:1800mm
Overall Dimensions: 3.95 x 2.35 x 1.5 (m)
Back Tensions Mode:3.5 tonnes (top layer)
Winching Mode:3 tonnes Pulling force (1st layer)

The 3.5T Air Spooler emerges as a versatile workhorse, intricately crafted to master efficient spooling operations. With its capacity to gracefully manage a maximum reel weight of 3.5 tonnes and a drum speed of 0-10 rpm, it establishes its prowess as an essential asset. This air-powered marvel features an indispensable digital load indicator, gracefully orchestrating the dance of spooling wire on and off the drum, all the while upholding the gold standard of precision. Occupying dimensions measuring 3.95 x 2.35 x 1.5 meters and weighing 3600kg, it emerges as a viable choice for an array of industrial applications. The design philosophy underpinning this spooler accommodates both back tensions mode at 3.5 tonnes (top layer) and a formidable winching mode wielding a pulling force of 3 tonnes (1st layer). Poised with such capabilities, this air-powered spooler emerges as the quintessential answer to tasks demanding surgical precision in wire or cable spooling, effectively serving domains like construction sites or marine operations.

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