3T Electric Winch

Equipment IDIM-3TE-00X
Line Pull :3tonne
Line Speed :10m/min
Rope Diameter :12mm
Rope Capacity :150m
Electric Motor :2.2kW /w Brake
Power:3 Phase / 4 Pole
Base Dimensions:1000 x 755mm
Weight :400kg

Meet the 3T Electric Winch, a versatile marvel powered by electric motors. Packed with a 3-tonne pulling strength, this winch is famous for its torque and speed, all while using power efficiently. It’s just right for lifting medium-sized gear or handling cables in factories. Just like our other winches, you can customize it to fit what you need. Count on this winch when you need steady and effective pulling, whether you’re working at a construction site or a storage place.

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