4T Electric Spooler

4 Tonne Electric Spooler

Our wide range of winching and power pack accessories now include a range of spoolers in both electric and hydraulic configurations. These versatile and powerful items are available for long or short term hire. The 1-4 bank hydraulic control valves allow operators to control up to four winches from the one single location.


Complex control applications can be simply catered for using our tried and tested remote control systems. These pendant or joystick style controls offer a great deal of flexibility over mechanical or remote cable operating systems. These highly sophisticated remote control systems can be either hard-wired or wireless operated.


Our range of hydraulic spooling winches are available in reel weights of up to 30 tonnes and drum speeds of 0-10 rpm. The electric version offers the same speeds with a maximum drum weight of 5 tonnes. As with all of our winching equipment and power packs, these units can be customised to suit our clients’ specific requirements.     

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4 Tonne Electric Spooler

Drum Speed: 0-10rpm
Max Drum Width: 1.2m
Max Drum Diameter: 2m
Max Reel Weight: 5 Tonne
Weight: 1500kg
Dimensions (mm): 2550 x 2200 x 1500
Power: 3 Phase / 32amp
Brake Type: Band Brake