4T Electric Spooler

Drum Speed:0-10rpm
Max Drum Width:1.2m
Max Drum Diameter:2m
Max Reel Weight:5 Tonne
Dimensions (mm):2550 x 2200 x 1500
Power:3 Phase / 32amp
Brake Type:Band Brake


The 4T Electric Spooler stands as an indispensable cornerstone, masterfully designed to orchestrate the symphony of efficient spooling across a spectrum of industrial realms. With a commanding drum speed scaling 0-10 rpm and a steadfast capacity to accommodate up to 5 tonnes of reel weight, this electric marvel emerges as a hallmark of operational prowess. Garnering a drum width of 1.2m and a drum diameter of 2m, its stature solidifies its commitment to the art of spooling. With a weight of 1500kg and dimensions that paint a canvas of 2550 x 2200 x 1500 mm, its presence becomes both palpable and practical. Fueled by a dynamic 3 Phase/32amp power source and ingeniously supported by a band brake, it conquers the realm of spooling with finesse. Against this backdrop, the 4T Electric Spooler becomes a natural fit for tasks where precision in wire or cable spooling is paramount. Projects spanning construction sites or marine operations find solace in its capabilities, where the pursuit of consistent and exacting spooling holds the highest significance.

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