50kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit

Engine Make: Cummins 4BTA
Engine Output (kW):50kW @ 1500rpm
Hydraulic Pump Size: 112
Max Pressure (bar):180bar (@ 150L/min)
Max Flow (l/min):150
Weight (kg):3500

The 50kW Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit stands as a high-capacity power solution designed to excel in demanding applications. Fueled by the might of a Cummins 4BTA engine, it commands a robust output of 50kW at 1500rpm. The unit is fitted with a substantial hydraulic pump sized at 112, enabling it to achieve a maximum pressure of 180bar at 150L/min. With a weight of 3500kg, its rugged construction ensures both durability and reliability. This diesel-driven unit is specifically honed for tasks craving substantial hydraulic power, particularly large-scale winching operations within marine or industrial landscapes. When united with our array of winches, it evolves into a potent tool, capable of conquering even the most formidable winching challenges.

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