7T Cable Hauling Winch

Number Available:2
Line Pull (tonne):7 top layer
Line Speed (m/min):20m (two-speed motor)
Rope Dia (mm):16
Rope Capacity (m):2300
Engine:Hatz 4L41C
Clutch:Manual. Ability to free wheel wire from drum
Dimensions (mm):2000mm (L) X 1800mm (W) X 1800mm (H)
Weight (kg):3000
Lifting:Dedicated certified spreader bar, slings and lugs

The prowess of the 7T Cable Hauling Winch shines in managing extensive cable installations across industrial and marine landscapes. Boasting an impressive 7-tonne pulling capacity, it effortlessly maintains a line speed of 20 m/min, orchestrated by a two-speed motor, and seamlessly complements ropes with a 16mm diameter. With a remarkable rope capacity of 2300 meters, it emerges as the quintessential choice for ambitious large-scale cable hauling ventures.

Distinguished by a Hatz 4L41C engine, hydraulic brake, and an adaptable manual clutch capable of wire-free-wheeling from the drum, this winch guarantees unwavering performance. It occupies dimensions of 2000mm (L) x 1800mm (W) x 1800mm (H) and bears a weight of 3000 kg, solidifying its status as a potent yet versatile solution for cable management challenges.

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