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Our products are specifically designed to cover multiple industrial applications, and to solve in a simple and economical way the problems which can be encountered with the movement of heavy loads. We use the most advanced technology in our Technical Department to make sure customers problems are solved in a timely manner utilising our special products and tools.

Larzep Hydraulics

I&M Solutions offer a wide range of Larzep hydraulic products, including automotive accessories like jacks and presses, hoses and fittings, torque wrenches, and various tools such as cutters, pullers, and jacks. Their Larzep hydraulic solutions cater to diverse needs in automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

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Larzep Hydraulic Products

Larzep Automotive

We carry many of Larzep’s automotive accessories. This includes telescopic, high-lift transmission, trolley, air service and bottle jacks that range from 2 to 50 Tn. We also have lifting tables and portable cranes. Larzep’s presses range from 10 to 250 Tn and come with strong bench mount frames.

Larzep Accessories

I&M Solutions carries a wide range of Larzep accessories. We have many different standard hoses, low-flow and high-flow quick couplers, flow control valves, fittings, manifolds, pressure gauges and saddles. Have something else you need? Contact us or visit our shop for more information.

Larzep Wrenches

Larzep hydraulic torque wrenches have a torque accuracy of about three percent across a full stroke and have many available accessories. Our square-drive hydraulic torque wrenches have an adjustable 360 degree reaction arm to ensure that you’ll easily get the job done.

Larzep Cylinders

Single and double acting cylinder with spring or load return, hollow plunger, aluminium, locknut, pancake, high tonnage, telescopic, push-pull.

Larzep Pumps / Powerpacks

Single and double acting hand pumps, air-hydraulic pumps, powerpacks, split-flow powerpacks, synchronized systems, hydrotest pumps, for torque wrenches.

Larzep Tools

Chain cutters, cable cutters, nut-splitters, pullers, toe jacks, spreaders, dynamometers, load cells, torque wrenches, punching heads, crimping tools.

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Why I&M Solutions?

Industry Experience

With years of industry experience, I&M Solutions is a trusted leader in providing specialized hydraulic equipment and services.

Specialised Designers & Engineers

Our team are highly specialised designers and engineers with decades of experience and industry-specific knowledge.

State-Of-The-Art Resources

We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the reliability and durability for marine and industrial-specific uses.

Leaders in the design, manufacture & hire of
hydraulic equipment

Industrial & Marine Solutions (I&M Solutions) is a unique resource for Australasian industrial, marine and offshore sectors. I&M Solutions is a one-stop shop for the design, engineering and manufacture of heavy hydraulic equipment for lifting, shifting, pushing or pulling and are Australia’s leading hydraulic equipment provider across a variety of industries including oil & gas, mining, marine & construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Larzep Hydraulics provide?

Larzep offers a variety of hydraulic products, from automotive gear to cylinders, pumps, and precision tools, catering to diverse industrial and marine needs.

How does Larzep maintain product standards?

With advanced tech and a dedicated team, Larzep ensures top-notch design and manufacturing, solving industrial challenges effectively.

Can Larzep help with automotive hydraulic needs?

Definitely. Larzep has a range of specialised automotive accessories, including jacks and lifting gear, tailored for the auto industry.

Does Larzep offer high-precision tools?

Yes, Larzep’s tools, like torque wrenches and nut-splitters, are known for their accuracy and reliability in demanding tasks.

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