Australia’s Leading Service Provider Of Industrial & Marine Equipment

Industrial & Marine Solutions (I&M Solutions) is an Australian leader in the design, manufacture & hire of winches, hydraulics, rigging equipment and marine deck machinery & engineering.

Inspection, Service & Repair

I&M Solutions has a team of professionals who can, inspect, repair, and service client equipment both in-house and on-site. I&M Solutions specialises in the service and repair of winches, hydraulic power packs, marine deck machinery & hardware across various industries throughout Australia.

  • Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic winches
  • Electric or Diesel driven Hydraulic Power Units
  • Lifting/Jacking Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Porta Powers and Torque Wrench Pumps
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools & Accessories

We have a range of highly qualified & experienced personnel available to assist with workshop and onsite servicing and project requirements throughout Australia.

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Our Trade Qualified Personnel Include:

Equipment Operators

Our skilled equipment operators are expertly trained to handle a diverse range of hydraulic equipment, ensuring efficient operation and safety compliance on every project.

Hydraulic Technicians

Our hydraulic technicians are specialists in diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing hydraulic systems, providing reliable solutions that keep your operations running smoothly.

Diesel Mechanics

With extensive expertise in diesel engine technology, our diesel mechanics deliver superior maintenance and repair services that maximise the performance and longevity of your marine and industrial machinery.

Mechanical FItters

Our mechanical fitters are adept at assembling, installing, and servicing complex machinery, ensuring each component functions perfectly in line with stringent industry standards.

Our Services

  • Wire Rope Spooling
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Winch Load Testing

Wire Rope Spooling

I&M Winch Hire operate a range of spooling machines capable of handling drums up to 30 tonne. The spoolers have been designed to ensure safe and reliable operation which allows the operator to easily adjust line speed while providing smooth and constant back tension.

Spooling can be performed in-house, quayside or in-field and is delivered by our experienced and qualified service team to assist with wire rope changes, greasing and inspections.

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Bespoke Solutions

As well as providing cost-effective rental of winches, hydraulic power packs, spoolers, I&M Solutions also have the ability to provide bespoke design, fabrication and Commissioning of specialized equipment for a range of industries.

Our dedicated team of industry professionals will work with you from the concept and detailed engineering phase through to completion and commissioning. I&M Solutions and its partner companies (Fremantle Hydraulics & Hamilton Engineering) have a proven history of quality delivering quality custom products to the marine, mining, offshore and defense sectors.

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Winch Load Testing

Our team of qualified professionals can, inspect, load test and certify air, electric and hydraulic winches on the in-house test bed which is capable of load testing winches up to 90 tonnes. All tests come with NATA certificates on completion.

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