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At I & M Solutions, we carry out a comprehensive range of equipment design and manufacturing services to provide tailor-made solutions to a variety of industries.

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Marine Deck Machinery & Engineering

Industrial & Marine Solutions is a unique resource for Australasian industrial marine and offshore operators. No other service provides a one stop shop for the design, engineering and manufacture of heavy equipment for lifting, shifting, pushing or pulling. I&M Solutions is an Australian leader in the design, manufacture, hire and sales of specialised equipment across a variety of industries.

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I & M Solutions At A Glance

Industrial & Marine Solutions (IMS) is an Australian leader in the design, manufacture and hire of winches and marine deck machinery. We provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services to ensure that our customers’ expectations are always met, including design, drafting, fabrication, specialist hydraulic, brake lining, retail equipment sales, equipment hire and hazardous area equipment manufacturing.
We believe that the only way a business can succeed is by truly listening to their clients. So that’s exactly what we do, taking into account the industry’s needs and desires to meet more people’s requirements. We have demonstrated our ability to provide professional, efficient and cost-effective multi-disciplinary solutions across multiple industries including oil and gas, marine, mining, petrochemical, telecommunication and construction.

Our History

Industrial & Marine Solutions (IMS) was founded in 2007 as Industrial & Marine Winch Hire. We were set up as a first-class supplier of hire winches, hydraulic power units (HPUs) and marine cranes, servicing both the maritime and resource sectors.


Today, I & M Solutions is a recognised solution provider across multiple industries including offshore oil and gas, marine, mining, petrochemical, telecommunications and construction. 

Our Approach

I & M Solutions was founded on the need for cost-effective equipment hire for many industries across Western Australia. It’s therefore in our DNA to listen to our customers, understand today’s industry leaders and provide them with safer, more intelligent and resourceful solutions to their project challenges. Our success is built on strong customer relationships and positive outcomes, something that we will instil in every member of our team to ensure that you’re getting the best service possible.


The management and staff at Industrial and Marine Solutions will operate our business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards set by our customers and relevant interested parties. We will provide excellent customer service, and continually improve our quality management system, ensuring it is conformant and certified to ISO 9001 2015.


Why Choose I and M Solutions

I and M's service extends throughout Australasia and into Asia, and we routinely install and service marine deck machinery offshore. With highly qualified designers and engineers in our team, as well as state-of-the-art marine fabrication resources, we take pride in knowing that we can rise to the challenges of the most exacting specifications.

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