20T Cable Hauling Winch

Number Available:1
Line Pull (tonne):20
Line Speed (m/min):10
Rope Dia (mm):32
Rope Capacity (m):700
Engine:Cummins 4BTA
Clutch For free wheeling:Manual
Dimensions (mm):3500 x 2400
Weight (kg):12,000

The 20T Cable Hauling Winch stands as the ultimate solution for large-scale cable installations across industrial and marine realms. With an impressive 20-tonne pulling capacity, it commands a line speed of 10 m/min, synergizing seamlessly with ropes boasting a 32mm diameter. The winch is equipped with an expansive rope capacity of 700 meters, making it the go-to choice for monumental cable hauling endeavors, spanning underwater cable laying to cable management within substantial construction projects.

Driven by a commanding Cummins 4BTA engine, and featuring manual brakes and a clutch for versatile free-wheeling, this winch guarantees steadfast performance. Its dimensions of 3500 x 2400 mm and substantial weight of 12,000 kg underscore its formidable prowess, ensuring success across even the most demanding tasks.

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