7T Hydraulic Winch

Number Available:1
Line Pull (tonne):7
Line Speed (m/min):60
Rope Diameter (mm):16
Rope Capacity (m):700
System Pressure (bar):180
Oil Flow (L/min):209
Base Dimensions (mm):866 x 866

The 7T Hydraulic Winch is engineered for medium to heavy-duty hauling tasks, offering an impressive blend of speed and lifting capacity. With an Equipment ID of IM-7T-00x, this winch provides a line pull of 7 tonnes and an exceptional line speed of 60m/min. It’s designed to accommodate a rope diameter of 16mm and has a substantial rope capacity of 700m. Operating at a system pressure of 180bar, the winch has a high oil flow rate of 209L/min. With base dimensions of 866 x 866mm, it’s a robust yet compact choice for various industrial applications. This hydraulic winch is ideal for tasks requiring both high speed and significant lifting capacity.

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