20T Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Number Available:1
Line Pull (tonne):20
Brake Holding Capacity (tonne): 60
Line Speed (m/min):12
Rope Diameter (mm):32
Rope Capacity (m):700
System Pressure (bar):155
Oil Flow (L/min):250
Dog Clutch:Manual
Base Dimensions (mm):1810 x 1525

Meet the 20T Hydraulic Mooring Winch – built for big mooring jobs, especially at sea. With a hefty 20-tonne pull, it’s perfect for securing large ships or vessels. This winch goes at 12 m/min and pairs well with 32mm ropes. It holds 700 meters of rope, running at 155 bars pressure and 250 L/min oil flow. Sized 1810 x 1525 mm, it’s ready.

Get this winch as part of a 4-point mooring system, including braked winching, a power pack, and a lifting arm if needed. Our system is certified and checked on-site before use.

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