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Air Winch Hire & Sales

Our Air Winches are compact and lightweight, spark-resistant with overload protection, and unlimited duty-cycle. They are especially ideal for working on marine platforms, on and offshore gas and oil drilling, shipbuilding, port, and mining, etc. 

We offer a range of Air Winches for different purposes, varying in capacities, operating methods, and various applications. All our Air Winches are market ready. They have stood the test of time, thanks to the thousands of customers who have tried them. 

Our Air Winches have passed CE, ISO, ABS, ATEX, DNV, etc. standards. These are internationally recognized verifications that meet the strictest local safe lifting standards around the globe.

1 Tonne Air Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions

1 Tonne Air Winch

Number Available:1
Line Pull 1st layer : 1.5tonne
Line Speed :
Rope Diameter : 8mm
Rope Capacity : 175m
System Pressure :6-8bar
Air Flow :200L/sec
Base Dimensions :722 x 342mm
5 Tonne Air Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions

5 Tonne Air Winch

Number Available:2
Line Pull : 5tonne
Line Speed 1st Layer : 10m/min
Rope Diameter : 16mm
Rope Capacity : 120m
System Pressure :6-8bar
Air Flow:247L/sec
Base Dimensions :860 x 920mm
10 Tonne Air Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions

10 Tonne Air Winch

Number Available:1
Line Pull : 10tonne
Line Speed : 20m/min
Rope Diameter : 26mm
Rope Capacity :
System Pressure :8bar
Air Flow :400L/sec
Base Dimensions :1638 x 960mm
1 Tonne Air Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions
Number Available: 1
Line Pull (tonne): 1.5
Line Speed (m/min): 54
Rope Diameter (mm): 8
Rope Capacity (m): 175
System Pressure (bar): 6-8
Air Flow (CFM): 200
Base Dimensions (mm): 722 x 342
5 Tonne Air Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions
Number Available: 2+
Line Pull (tonne): 5
Line Speed (m/min): 10
Rope Diameter (mm): 16
Rope Capacity (m): 120
System Pressure (bar): 6-8
Air Flow (CFM): 247
Base Dimensions (mm): 860 x 920
10 Tonne Air Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions
Number Available: 2
Line Pull (tonne): 10
Line Speed (m/min): 20
Rope Diameter (mm): 26
Rope Capacity (m): 200
System Pressure (bar): 8
Air Flow (CFM): 400
Base Dimensions (mm): 1638 x 960

Why Choose I&M Solutions?

I&M's service extends throughout Australia and into Asia, and we routinely install and service marine deck machinery offshore. With highly qualified designers and engineers in our team, as well as state-of-the-art marine fabrication resources, we take pride in knowing that we can rise to the challenges of the most exacting specifications.


  • Simple operation, compact and rugged design to guarantee great mobility and convenience.
  • A set of regulators, filters, and lubricants are fastened to the air winch to offer clean and stable air power.
  • The ingenious design of our winches makes them explosion-proof for nature.
  • Heavy-duty fully enclosed disc brake and multiple brakes allow for smooth operation.
  • Comes with an auto-disc brake, manual drum lever brake, cylinder brake, air-operated emergency stop button, and cylinder brake.
  • Tailor-made for extreme conditions, for example, cold, dusty, explosive, damp conditions.
  • Our winches have a power-pack piston air motor that guarantees superior reliability and strong starting torque in unforgiving environments.
  • They also have variable control speed that provides excellent spotting capability.
  • Up to 10 Tons load capacities.
  • Hiring or buying an air winch is a significant investment; that said, you want to make sure that you get the right winch to do the job at hand.Purpose for Hiring
    • Is it for lifting or pulling purposes?

    Load capabilities

    • How much pulling/lifting load capacities do you need the winch to have?


    Where and under what conditions do you plan on using the winch? And are there any special requirements?

We are the most trusted winch manufacturer in Australia, and we produce a wide range of winch products, including but not limited to both small and large capacity, light-duty and heavy-duty winch.

We have over 13 years of experience manufacturing and supplying winches of the highest quality to happy customers in Australia.

We pride ourselves on quality, and we are fully involved in every aspect of our winches, such as manufacturing, delivery, equipment design, and servicing.

Our winches are constructed of premium materials and are guaranteed to deliver long-lasting, reliable performance at a reasonable cost.

That’s not all, our air winches can be fully customized to suit your specific application. Our support team of dedicated experts is focused exclusively on delivering high capacity air winches.

You are very welcome to talk to us about your specific needs for any on and offshore applications, just call or send us a message to discuss your lifting needs. Contact us today to get your custom solution.

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