100kW Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipment ID:IM100-HPU-004
Engine Make:Cummins 4BT
Output :100W @ 1500 rpm
Pump Size:45cc
Max Pressure :320bar @ 150L/min
Max Flow :150L/min @ 320bar
Weight :
Dimensions :2320 x 1090 x 1650

The 100kW Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit is meticulously crafted to provide substantial hydraulic might across diverse applications. Boasting an impressive 100kW output, this unit stands as the ideal choice for extensive operations calling for steadfast and dependable hydraulic power. With its commanding power, this unit emerges as a pivotal element in scenarios such as expansive winching endeavors, construction undertakings, or marine tasks, where substantial hydraulic strength is irreplaceable.

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