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At I & M Solutions, we carry out a comprehensive range of equipment design and manufacturing services to provide tailor-made solutions to a variety of industries.

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Electric Winch

Our electric winches are both durable and reliable. These powerful and flexible units offer plenty of torque and speed, coupled with efficient levels of power consumption. They are suitable for a wide range of applications where electrical power is preferred or if it is the most available power source. As with all of our winches and equipment, we can customise our electric winches to suit our customers, specific needs.

Electric Winches - I and M Solutions
Equipment Hire

Electric Winch Hire

Electric winches are ideal in any situation where moving heavy objects is concerned. These winches are reliable, practical, durable, and designed for several lifting and pulling applications. Electrically powered, you are guaranteed convenient operation, low operational cost, and superior safety.

At I & M Solutions, we boast a comprehensive fleet of different types of Electric Winches to meet your unique situation and budget. And based on your budget, job, and preference, you can choose winches with high or slow speed, single or double drum winch, mine winch, friction winch, planetary winch, and construction winch, each designed to meet your needs.

2 Tonne Electric Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions

2 Tonne Electric Winch

Equipment IDIM-2TE-00X
Line Pull (tonne):2
Line Speed (m/min):16
Rope Diameter (mm):12
Rope Capacity (m):500
Electric Motor (kW):2.2
Power:3 Phase / 4 Pole / 32 amp
Base Dimensions (mm):1365 x 535
Weight (kg):430
3 Tonne Electric Winch For Hire - I and M Solutions (2)

3 Tonne Electric WInch

Equipment IDIM-3TE-00X
Line Pull (tonne):3
Line Speed (m/min):10
Rope Diameter (mm):12
Rope Capacity (m):250
Electric Motor (kW):2.2
Power:3 Phase
Base Dimensions (mm):1000 x 755
Weight (kg):430

Why Choose I and M Solutions

I and M's service extends throughout Australasia and into Asia, and we routinely install and service marine deck machinery offshore. With highly qualified designers and engineers in our team, as well as state-of-the-art marine fabrication resources, we take pride in knowing that we can rise to the challenges of the most exacting specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits of Hiring Winches Instead of Buying

  • Lower costs (ideal for short-term use of winches)
  • Convenient - no storage, no maintenance
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Up to date with the latest industrial and marine standards


The design of our electric winches provides a powerful traction force. A metal drum with reboards in the complex with an electric engine fixed on the rectangular steel frame. The torque from the engine is transmitted through the gearbox to the drum - initiated by winding or branching the cable. At the right moment, the brake is involved. Thus, the cargo fixed at the end of the rope moves to a given distance. The standard control of the device is carried out through a cable with remote control. 

Common Uses of Electric Powered Winch

Not limited to, but in most cases, electric winches are necessary for pulling and lifting purposes on mining sites, in construction, installation of heavy machinery. This simple winch can also be used on ships and boats to perform mooring operations, anchoring, towing, and as a lifting winch on derricks and cranes.

Why Choose an Electric Power Winch?

Electric power winches have many unique advantages compared to the hydraulic or air winch.


  • They deliver reliable and safe winching operations.
  • They are designed with a range of capacities and versions to match your application’s demands.
  • They are electrically powered, which make them extremely cost effective.
  • Simple structure and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Can be controlled remotely to ensure safe operation.

Why Choose Us?

Being an experience, dedicated, transparent, reputable, and the most trusted winch manufacturer and supplier in Australia.


We design and build all of our winches to follow five core elements – safety, reliability, suitability, environmentally friendly, and durability. Even our prices are very attractive and budget-friendly, and we are confident that you won't find a better value for money elsewhere. Our team of experts are waiting to help you, give us a call to discuss your special lifting needs.

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