30T Hydraulic Spooler

Maximum Reel Weight:30 tonnes
Drum Speed:0-7rpm
Max Drum Width:2.5m
Shaft Diameter:120mm
Min Drum Width:1m
Max Drum Diameter:2.4 m
Stroke By Horizontal Cylinder:1.39m
Overall Dimensions:5.7m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 3m(H)
Constant Tensions Mode:Max 15 tonnes (back tension)
Winching Mode:Winching Mode:

The 30T Hydraulic Spooler is a comprehensive solution primed for efficient spooling across industries. Its capacity to handle 30-tonne reel weight and achieve 0-7 rpm drum speed defines its prowess. A 1-4 bank hydraulic control system orchestrates up to four winches harmoniously. Its dimensions, spanning 5.7m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 3m(H), bear its substantial design, weighing 7100kg. The constant tensions mode of up to 15 tonnes and a 5-tonne winching mode elucidate its adaptability, rendering it an exemplar for precision wire or cable spooling, pivotal in construction or marine domains.

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